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Mentored by professionals who have been working in the training arena for more than two decades. Maxvizual Media provides world class workshops and skill development programs in the booming sector of creative world of Photography and Videography.

Our objective is to provide the budding professionals, an enriching experience in a competitive yet friendly environment which would help them realize their potentials to the fullest extent.

Maxvizual offers following creative workshops in the areas of media Production

A course that takes you through camera Angles with the right technique, the essentials of colour and temperature settings, the choice of lighting, principles of Digital Image Acquisition, Workflows & Image Manipulation Systems, practical exercises Slow motion, a variety of low light sequences, post Production & Editing and Sound Editing & Recording. The programme aims at providing knowledge of cinematographic theory, concepts, aesthetics, various techniques of imaging and control methods on both celluloid and digital platforms.


Fashion photography has a never-ending demand across the industry. Fashion photographers work in sync with a team of designers, stylists, art directors, editors and the creative support staff. They should have the capability to anticipate and interpret trends and themes of the season. The course aims to provide the technical prowess required to meet the challenges of the fashion world, with opportunity to meet clients, art directors and models.
Digital fashion design is at the realm of integrating design skills with technology. This is used in textiles, printing, omni-channels, marketing, virtual reality, retail consumer experience and various other applications in the fashion industry. The course aims to provide necessary training in skills required for the fashion Industry in the digital era.


The course provides professional training in advanced aesthetics and visual literacy taking you through advanced level of photography in various arenas of the trade. The program involves practical demonstrations on how to create dramatic results with photography, whether it is indoor, outdoor, macro, fashion shots or night. The course also helps you get advanced training in editing and high quality production.


Digital film making blends the possibilities of art and digital media, making the whole process less expensive and accessible to common man. It also makes the cinematographer’s and editors job easier and helps to reach a wider audience. The course involves training in handling equipment, cameras, recorders, projectors and computers and knowledge of the latest necessary software and digital storage devices.


This course aims at inculcating professional and artistic skills required to make one a professional film maker. The course covers subjects like sound, editing, production, cinematography and lighting, documentary craft, post-production sound, documentary tradition and aesthetics, graphics special effects colour correction, screenplay, pre-production, & post-production, lessons in script writing, storyboard direction, casting and types of shots, camera movements, screening of model films, planning & budgeting. It also introduces you to various tools and advanced technologies. This is the right course for a budding film maker.
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